Why Alliance

Our roster of highly sought after clientele and our wide ranging expertise notwithstanding, “Why Alliance?” is a question that is likely to spring up in the minds of clients.

Private Ownership

Alliance is a majority owned by the directors of the company, with a strong focus on independence.

Flat Management

At Alliance, all our directors are involved with the daily working of the company.

Strong Culture

At Alliance we don’t just believe in retaining talent, but nurturing it. This means that we are an open, focused organisation.


In the context of businesses, intermediaries have become an inevitable necessity. In the especially dynamic insurance sector, it is primarily due to the value additions brought on board by the broker fraternity.   See More

Online Services

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the "Online Services", a unique initiative which gives you access to your entire Insurance Portfolio at the click of a button. We are pleased to have you as a valued customer   See More