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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the “Online Services”, a unique initiative which gives you access to your entire Insurance Portfolio at the click of a button.

We are pleased to have you as a valued customer of Alliance Insurance Brokers and to a new level of convenience, services and many other benefits.

Since 2003, Alliance has grown with humble beginnings into a leading service provider in the field of general insurance broking across India. We would like to pay gratitude to our patrons who have been associated with us over these years- “our esteemed clients-our partners”, who have contributed to the success story of Alliance.

We take opportunity to thank you for choosing us as your preferred insurance broker, and we are honored to be at your service.

Alliance believes in delivering the best to its clients and hence has extended its support on the technology front with some unique initiatives like Client Login, Employee Benefits Portal – for HR & Employees.




On the Employee Benefits front we have established two portals to provide all our patrons with the best, one for the Company HR – HR Login and the other for its employees – Employee Login.


Client Login is an unique initiative, one of its kind that gives the you the access of your entire insurance portfolio at a click of a button. This innovative platform provides a sneak peek to all aspects of business policies, renewals, claims status, cash deposit account, endorsements and instalments on a Real Time Basis!

We wish to delight you with unmatched levels of services, convenience and benefits!

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