Why Alliance

Our roster of highly sought after clientele and our wide ranging expertise notwithstanding, “Why Alliance?” is a question that is likely to spring up in the minds of clients. To help you understand the benefits of an association with us, do consider the following pros.

Private Ownership

Alliance is majorly owned by the directors of the company, with a strong focus on independence. This obviously means that the company is a hundred per cent fiscally committed and involved in ensuring that all of its clients are completely satisfied with the services rendered.

Flat Management Structure

At Alliance, all our directors are involved with the daily working of the company. The management team is in constant contact with all the clients personally. The end result of this two way communication is perfect symbiosis between the company and its clients, innovation and a sense of partnership is fostered.

Strong Culture

At Alliance we don’t just believe in retaining talent, but nurturing it. This means that we are an “ Open, focused organisation” that seeks out the best talent, rewards innovation and sets benchmarks for itself, based on the performance of its people.

So how could we be of service?

When you need a solution delivered with precision and peerless service, industry insiders will recommend just one name, Alliance Insurance. We have a proud heritage of being one hundred per cent Indian and one hundred years of cumulative experience in terms of the work experience of our dedicated team! We understand the sector specific needs of the companies and tailor make solutions to suit your every need. We do this in a scientific, calculated and experience based way, simply because in our eyes, you will always come first!