Diamonds, jewellery, precious stones, exquisite gems, precision timepieces, private collections and art … All of these in its many forms have a special appeal. For some it’s a business, for others a passion. And whether you’re dealing in the raw and/or refined, when it comes to risk, priceless pieces need great risk insurance solutions.

Alliance’s Specie insurance team is innovative, rapidly evolving and globally active, which provides a wide range of unique insurance services. We have wealth of knowledge, experience and global market relationships, supported by dedicated claims expertise.

We achieve all this through a combination of four key elements:-

1. Specialist knowledge and skills
2. Creative underwriting
3. Autonomous decision making
4. Local claims support

Together, we offer a diverse range of insurance solutions to meet the needs of the Specie related industries globally.

We offer all the benefits of placing coverage with local & or international markets with access to one of the largest networks in the insurance industry, giving us the ability to offer local documentation anywhere in the world our clients operate. This makes us one of India’s leading insurance brokers who not only understand this highly specialised area but also helps them in keeping these businesses moving forward.

Alliance’s Specie insurance team enables you to manage risk more effectively and economically, providing coverage that is based not on what the markets can do, but on your specific insurance needs. We look forward to helping our clients with an insurance service that makes a real difference to their risk management strategies.


Jewelers Block Insurance


Standalone Terrorism Insurance

Exhibition Insurance


Diamond Processing Insurance


Fine Art Insurance


Fire and Allied Perils Insurance


Marine Imports and Exports


Employee Benefit Programs


Management Liability


Professional Indemnity


Cyber Crime Cover


Credit Insurance


Cash in Transit Package Policy


Bullion Transit & Storage Risk


Employee Fidelity Insurance Policy