The services sector can without a doubt be called the true catalyst in a country’s socio-economic development. The service sector is the backbone of any and all industries.

It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian economy, and worldwide is the number one contributor to global output. The one crucial reason for this growth in this particular sector can be traced back to the increase in urbanization, complexion of life in metros changing and a for intermediate and final consumer services.

What makes up the services sector?

The ambit of the service sector is actually quite vast. From tangibles like trading, transportation and communication, financial, real estate and business services, to more soft skills oriented intangibles like customer service, community care, social and personal service, and business essentials like IT, IT enabled service and others, all come under the services bracket.

How Alliance is geared to serve the Services sector

At Alliance Insurance we pride ourselves on being geared up to serve the burgeoning services sector. Our dedicated risk management team on Services always endeavours to bring customised solutions for the risk exposures unique to this people centric business sector. We also ensure structuring a comprehensive risk management programme depending on the nature of the service involved. Alliance capitalises on the expertise which we enjoy in the service sector on various parameters like policy coverage knowledge, pricing model competitiveness and service delivery mechanism.



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