Privilege Signature Services

Majority high-net-worth individuals nowadays, are underinsured, over-targeted in litigation, and dangerously exposed to risks that can profoundly jeopardize their lifestyle and rob their family of what they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

The Privilege Signature Service is a specialized division of Alliance Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd., with an objective to provide the highest level of personalized service available to HNI clients for de-risking their risking their life & lifestyle, signature assets, requiring customized insurance solutions. Whether you are an industrialist, actor, film personality, sports person or CEO of a Company, our Privilege Signature Service redefines the relationship you will share with Alliance.

Privilege Signature Service will provide you with a bespoke relationship team—your insurance concierge—who possesses a thorough understanding of unique exposures associated with managing the risks related to custom-built homes and cottages, Private jets & Yachts, fine art collections, wine and other property collections.

Our team members have a combined experience of 40 years in advising High Net Worth individuals and enjoy strong relationships with India’s leading underwriters of insurance for high net -worth individuals and families. We specialize in ensuring that your personal financial situation is insulated from your business decisions and vice-versa while working with you to ensure that there is a seamless strategy put in place to ensure that business continuity is maintained while meeting personal wealth creation objectives.

Privilege Signature Service gives you the best of real-world solutions you need to protect your life & hard-earned lifestyle assets.


Home Coverage


Art Artefacts

Yachts & watercrafts


Kidnap & Ransom Coverage

Travel Coverage


Collateral Protection Coverage


Key person Insurance




Liability Cover


World Wide Health Cover


Ring fencing of Personal Assets