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India has aptly been given the title of ‘the song and dance capital’ of the world. With our films and entertainment industry being touted as the largest in the world, it is little wonder then that almost everyone wants to be part of the glamourous world of celluloid.

But as the old adage goes, “there’s no business like show business”, here’s a snapshot for you to consider, 1000 plus films are produced every year, with almost 4 billion tickets sold nationwide, and newer and bigger budgeted films planned almost every day, the silver screen is a businessman’s dream come true!

Risks associated with the Media Industry

One thing people often ignore is that the shelf life of a film is indeed short. The budgets that go into producing one, astronomical, and the risks that come with every production, myriad and unforeseen. From acts of God, to accidents on set, from production delays to other unthought-of eventualities, a film production site is fraught with risk exposures galore. Even negating all these factors, the mere cost odds of success of a film are astronomical. In this sense if business in this industry is carried out in the traditional manner, it puts everyone involved at tremendous risk of both liability and failure.

Alliance as innovators in the competitive movie business

Alliance has had a longstanding association and stable relationship with over 150 major corporates in the Media and Entertainment industry. Being market leaders also means that we are the innovators of this sort of insurance in the country. When it comes to placing Media and Entertainment related risk in the Indian market, we are the prime partners to our clients in the space.

As film underwriters

Alliance has also been instrumental in underwriting Media Errors and Omission risk for films in India. In this space as well we have emerged as the undisputed market leaders. Our clients’ faith in us has been unwavering, as we have always offered them the best possible solutions to their issues. We have emerged as a one-stop solutions provider for all sections of the Media and Entertainment industry. Our in-depth understanding of the Entertainment business module and the risks involved; makes us one of the finest Media and Entertainment Insurance brokers in the country.


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