Manufacturing is defined as the process of creation of an article, product or artefact of some value. India as a manufacturer, with its large pool of readily available talent, technical knowhow, is poised to become one of the world’s most productive hubs for the manufacturing sector.

As any sector gets more advanced, the risk factors and risk exposures associated with it also get more complex and unpredictable. Not to mention that when we talk about the manufacturing sector, we are talking about a gamut of industries that have risk exposures and challenge of their own. The fact that the manufacturing sector isn’t a colloidal, homogeneous whole makes the task of insuring it a rather daunting one.

Challenges faced in insuring the Manufacturing Sector

Major exposures in manufacturing industries are process related which may lead to disruption of the entire production cycle, affecting not only the production process but also the revenues of the organization. Its large and the most dynamic part of our Indian economy, both in terms of employment potential and contribution towards national income.

How we work at providing major cover to our clients in the Manufacturing Sector

Our dedicated risk management team on manufacturing sector brings in end to end solutions on all insurance programs. We extend necessary technical support in evaluating risk exposures, risk mitigation and implementing risk management tools to improve the nature of the risk. Alliance expertise on the coverage, pricing model and service delivery mechanism is unmatched, to suit specific requirement of individual corporate client.


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Machinery Breakdown & Machinery loss of profit

Liability Insurance


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Employee Benefit Program


Miscellaneous / Special Contingency Insurance