Banks & Financial Institutions

There was a time in India, when banking even post-Independence times meant a trip to either the village ‘sahukar’ or the government bank. With the advent of liberalisation, private banks and foreign direct investment in financial institutions have meant a greater freedom of choice to the consumer.

On the flipside, exposure to the international financial markets have meant new high risk exposures, within the once conservative industry, these risk situations could be financial, legal or operational in nature.

How Alliance’s structured and meticulous approach helps the banking industry

Alliance understands the risk involved in the niche banking and financial sector. Working closely with clients we try to innovate and provide the best possible solutions, keeping in mind the risk exposures and other variables that are inherent to this highly regulated sector.

We understand that with increased competition, the need to introduce schematic products for sake of differentiation, combined with the highly regulated environment of this sector increases the complexity of risk management. With this in mind we formulate insurance solutions for the Banking and Financial Sector that provide our client with optimal coverage.

Alliance understands

At Alliance we understand that innovation in identifying and covering risks is of the essence. Like any other business, banks on the one hand need to maximise the possibilities of de-risking their exposures and on the other hand, need to protect their baselines.

It is with this intent that we provide our clients with comprehensive coverage at competitive costs, in such a manner that they are covered for the exposures faced in the day-to-day activities. With the risks thus negated, our clients are free to focus on the functioning of their core competencies and providing better service to their clients, while remaining profitable entities.


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